miroku ejectors The receiver has very nice full coverage engraving and was left in the white. 45 Hand Ejector is a 6-shot revolver which fires the . Beretta S686. 545" and 3. B. Winchester Low Walls featured a spring loaded ejector, many of the modern Browning and Winchester Low Walls only have an extractor. $ 795. But looks aren’t everything, and I didn’t buy this carbine to hang it over the mantle. 576" long without the ratchet attached. chambers, nitro proof It's a Charles Daly 12 OU made by Miroku BC, Model 700. , were made by Miroku in Japan. what i want / need is to make that snazzy rifle stop shooting my cases back at me like a small canon. The ejector trip rod’s function is to cause the ejector sear located in the forearm to “trip” upon opening of the gun. Splinter fore-end Ejectors Chequered butt on stock Manufactured in 1972 approximately Have used this gun maybe three times in the last ten years so time to go This used Smith & Wesson . 726969 Standard specifications and finish Weight 7lb. 86075PX Sold for £ 360 (CA$ 638) inc. Ejector: NO: Related Products. MIROKU A 12-BORE SINGLE TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER EJECTOR GUN, NO. 38 Special ejector rod& ratchet for a Colt Officers Model Revolver. . First remove the very 1960s white line spacers Second… Miroku, 800 skeet, 12 gauge, Over and Under, Right Handed, Used - Average Condition, Shotgun from Doncaster, South Yorkshire New and Used Guns for Sale Miroku 800 O/U 12 Bore Shotgun Dated 1980. 25-4. S. Each successive year has seen the addition of a new, limited-edition version to the Miroku line. chambers, bored approx. MIROKU A 12-BORE `3800 GRADE IV` SINGLE-TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER EJECTOR serial no. Selective Ejector. Longer barrels are what's in style now. Both barrels have the factory pearl bead front site, beavertail forend with diamond shaped ivory inserts. Price: £78. Model: POLICE SPECIAL, LIBERTY CHIEF. There have been close to 100 different Citoris. Miroku quality is extraordinarily uniform (compared to Beretta’s) and you can expect at least 50K from a Miroku/Browning before it’s first rebuild. ejectors boss style forearm pistol grip checkered butt with engraved skeleton butt charles daly - miroku superior grade o/u 410. chambers bored approx. Net $35 "V" Ejector Spring Right/Left Net $35 ===== BERETTA O&U -DOUBLE "V" Hammer Spring NET $35 Beretta 950 Auto 25 . The Model 500 was a straightforward field gun of proven design. I also have a revolver made by Miroku, but it's a cheaper version sold under the EIG label and more of a Police Positive copy, with a larger grip frame, plastic grips, and a 4-inch barrel. By removing the forearm and removing the automatic ejector parts and spring, the ejector can be disabled and the extractor will continue to function, but you may have to press the extractor down out of the way prior to inserting an unfired cartridge. Swamped game rib, barrels have been completely re-rust blued and are in outstanding condition, coin finished side-lock action, fully re-furbished and re-inked with single, selective trigger. They are very high quality and fit and function perfectly in my gun. Ejector: YES: Related Products. com. A pair of 20g Miroku 20g O/U A pair of 12g boxlock ejectors with hand detachable locks with 28 inch replacement barrels -not by the maker in very good condition Miroku Browning Shotgun Ejector Slide Part. Manufactured by Winchester, this engraved pistol grip cap is made of steel and has a blued finish. Search, buy and sell Shotguns on GunStar today! Ejector Hammer Spring, Old Style, Right (Pin Type) Manufacturer: CHARLES DALY. 38 caliber special", stamped near the trigger is '"Miroku" Firearms Mfg. The other day, shooting trap, I was 21 for 22 when the top lever leaf spring broke. Additional Information – vent. 5 ounces 30. Charles Daly Over/Under By BC Miroku (Imported By Sloans) Shotgun Parts B&G Gunsmithing in Arizona Here is a history of Browning, Charles Daly and Miroku from the Browning. BT99 Plus Ejector Adjustable . Both are first class guns. First, the shells are released and elevated about 4mm, which is twice as far as other ejectors. 0. 12 gauge. The serial number is 202822 and matches on all the pieces (forearm, stock, barrels, etc. au an. SOLD The Miroku 7000 is an outstanding 2nd hand buy so long as it suits you, I find them too low in the comb (as ever) and they were never made in 32" flavour so that too may put some off. Another technique covers using the front forearm mounting screw as a user adjustable pressure point. single selective trigger/ejectors. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Beretta 12 gauge 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Field Hammer Ejectors guarantee positive shell ejection. Skeet Barrels. Miroku 12 gauge Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. There is much we do not know about Miroku revolvers. 45 Colt version, even though that caliber wasn’t available in original 1873s. Product #: 1222520. Browning 12 gauge B525 Hunter Light £ Ejector Hammer Spring, all calibers. 00. uk for high-quality gun parts and supplies they need. The butt stock is a checkered grip walnut pistol grip. It has a hook on the bottom and engages the ejector proper which holds the rim of the shell. Single trigger. C. With a heritage in shotgun making which dates as far back as 1893, you can rest assured that Miroku are amongst the world's leading shotgun makers MIROKU A 20-BORE MODEL 7000 GF-1 SINGLE TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER EJECTOR GUN, NO. EQUIPMENT DATA. Loose choker Steel base cool with engraving. The hammer ejectors are well proven and powerful too. 00. As the hammer falls forward, it taps the “L” end of the ejector trip rod, forcing the rod forward. 356" and can be used on many shotguns and rifles that use a pistol grip cap. stocks, 28in. com. cyl. C. © 2020 Parc industriel des Hauts-Sarts, 3ème Avenue, 25, B-4040, HERSTAL, BELGIUM R. 00; Browning B725 Sporter 12ga 32 INCH AKKAR CHURCHILL 812 12G 30 INCH SPORTER EJECTOR Gun Examples II. 01223 837977. b. 00; 12g over & under by Miroku – 30 x 3″ barrels The table allows a heavy load to be mounted and cool holes as ejector holes can be easily processed with this machine. Miroku 12 gauge MK 38 Grade 5 Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H A new Miroku MK60 Sport Grade 5 12 bore O/U ejector. Military and comercial. Charles Daly B. It handled remarkably well both from the gun down and gun up Select calibre12 gauge16 gauge20 gauge28 gauge410 gauge . Chambers Gunmakers fast & secure online store > Miroku Shotgun Spares by Make Shotgun Spares - Firearm Spares > Airgun, Shotgun & Rifle spares. Estimated condition based on the Photo Percentage Grading System – 90% to 95% (very good) Value Range (based on percentage of original finish on the gun and in working order): 12G Miroku Boxlock Ejector. 00 12G T Horsley Sidelock Hammer Miroku Charles Daly O/U shotguns are quality guns. The forearm is a checkered grip walnut with finger Description. Miroku To find the correct part for your gun, please scroll down and browse through our catalogue to view all of the parts we have available for Miroku shotguns. Miroku Model 700 20 ga. Miroku produced Charles Daly shotguns from 1963 until 1976. Likes: 0. The trigger mechanism is different too, with a flat main spring, instead of a coil. The only thing the guys above haven’t covered is for clay shooting the Guerini has a nice recoil pad , the Miroku has a hard plastic butt plate , more game orientated. Boxlock ejector Side by Side S/H Shotgun 12 […] Charles Daly Miroku Superior Grade Trap Ejector to Extractor Modification By Roy Bertalotto January 3, 2019 Shooting Picked up a used Charles Daly Miroku Superior yesterday and it needed a couple simple modes…. 1022/3 Bouquet and foliate-scroll engraving, the lockplates inset with cocking-indicators, well figured stocks, the chopper-lump barrels with game-ribs Weight 6lb. Share Miroku shotguns have always been subject to customisation by owners and to a certain extent these will be no different. Miroku Superior Trap, Blue 30" Wide Vent-Rib Selexor Ejectors O/U Over Under Double Barrel Shotgun, Mfd 1963-1976 12 Ga For Sale at GunAuction. 80 E1104 Ejector Left & Right (Top & Bottom) 12G . 410GA Ejectors Super Clean - Over Under Shotguns at GunBroker. Back to being like a new gun. PArts don't interchange as far as I am aware. . The gauges were 12 and 20. Edited September 20, 2015 by Junkyard Dog Miroku 12 gauge Ejector Side by Side Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 5 days until 17/01/2018 for £395. uk is the best source of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles for sale anywhere in the UK. Sales 0800 587 2823 Tel 01293 825556 Fax: 01293 785119 email: info@abaclays. Tillv. SHIPS FREE with $49 Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. £2 500. Single trigger with selectors. But there are not too many of them floating around. J and P Custom Products LLC offers the best products and service we can produce. These guns were also sold in the US under the "Charles Daly" brand. Miroku, Japanese made Charles daily (no Turkish made CD's), SKB made in Japan (stay away from a Turkish SKB), Browning, basic Citori made in South Korea or japan, and Beretta 686 essentials. Once Browning started using Miroku to manufacture the Citoris they made an agreement for Miroku to stop importing guns to the U. This month’s test guns, eagerly anticipated by 20-bore aficionados, are the latest, English-specification, 32in-barrelled MK60 Miroku 20-bores. We manufacturing / selling of hunting guns, sport guns and products related to gunsThe craftsmanship and pride of Made in Japan. c. The firm has grown rapidly since the end of World War II when, after several years, it was allowed to again start producing various firearms and has become one of the world’s most successful manufacturers. 38 Special. Very clean gun. and 1/4 choke hold-open toplever manual safety with integral barrel selector switch beaded border and acanthus scroll engraving brushed finish 14in. 70287px, s686' single-trigger over and under ejector, serial no. These guns are not only well made, but they have withstood the test of time, and, if well cared for such prizes could last for another 100 years. Because we aim for this site to be informative and allow customers to view the majority of shotguns available from different distributors, please bare in mind that we may not have every gun on this site in stock. C. Don't forget to leave a Like and Subscribe for more content. Skeet / Skeet. Show Printable Version; 10-23-2003, 06:58 PM #1. The I-frame was a small-frame, double-action revolver. The Blue Book describes the C. Add to Compare. Bore diameter 0. Miroku ML 11 Sport Shooting impressions A couple of my friends and I gave the ML 11 Sport a serious workout on Skeet and Trap targets. View Info Miroku MK 38 Grade 1. SandW. This is an original. There is a small mark on LH side of stock near the recoil pad. field gun, 26" with VR, fixed chokes, the usual ejectors and SST. call or email today for more info!! s/no 9529 12g A&D ejector by Charles Ingram – 26 x 2 1/2″ barrels £ 1,250. 1,950. Browning and Miroku guns, like the one shown here, … This Charles Daly Model (Miroku) Over and Under is a . Weight 2-Inch ban-«! ' 4-Inch barrel OwikN length 2-inch barrel 4-Inch barrel Number of chambers Type of front aighl. TEL 088-863-3310 FAX 088-863-3317. Very similar to the Browning or Winchester 101. Citori print ad. white front and mid rib bead. Ejector Hammer RH (specify ga. we have a very nice miroku mk10 grade 5 sporter in store. I thought it might be helpful to those who own these leveractions to have such info . 1/4 and 1/2 choke, carved fences, automatic safety, gold-inlaid cocking-indicators, bouquet and scroll engraving, the underside with the makers name, bright and blued finish overall, 15in. Remington and Winchester O/U's always seem a little ridiculously priced to me, but you may be able to find one for ~$1000 if you shop around. This boxlock gun featured a blued and engraved receiver, solid raised rib, single selective trigger (SST), selective ejectors (SE), checkered pistol grip walnut stock and beavertail forearm. 30 Inch Vent Rib With Ejectors. It has 3 of barrel with clean bright bore. so the Miroku name is not as widely known here as it is in Europe and Asia. 32 Smith and Wesson Long cartridge. Bid on Lot #667: Four Over/Under Shotguns -A) Engraved Miroku Firearms Shotgun - Choked improved modified/cylinder, 2 3/4" chambers, ejectors and 14 1/4 Miroku produced two single barrel trap guns which predate the Miroku/Browning BT-99. uk is the best source of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles for sale anywhere in the UK. Hi all, Just was curious if anyone knows much about the Miroku MK 70 Trap/Sport with black actions, ie do they have ejectors or just extractors? From Shooting forum Shotguns - 12 gauge, 28 gauge, 410 bore etc. A premium quality gun at price beginners can afford. We will not compromise on quality, and we will not market a product until we are satisfied that it is the best available. 1963-1976 by Miroku. I can't seem to ** O/U MODELS = 12, 20, 28 ga. , 14¼in. S/H Miroku 500E Boxlock Ejector 12ga S/Side 28” 1/4-1/2 . Back to this particular Miroku, completely stripped down to the bare action frame. 00 SP016 Cross slide pin . An extractor pushes the spent case back out of the chamber sufficiently for manual removal vs. Thread Tools. nice tight gun, good bores not excellent, choked improved cylinder and improved modified, single selective trigger, woodwork is a little plain Jane it has a repaired crack on the forend see photo, 14 1 The design incorporates a full-width hinge pin and a full-width flat bolt that emerges from the action face and very securely engages a slot bite beneath the bottom chamber. Other markings H-SP-NP-12-70 m/m -serial 606255- Single Gold trigger and full Gold Etching--from out of the closet. Miroku 12 Gauge Trap. Miroku ~ Boxlock Non-ejector ~ 12 Ga. Manufacturer: MIROKU. $76. all in excellent used condition. 1121419 Fully-selective single-trigger with manual safety-slide, blacked action-body with some bold foliate-scrollwork, the figured stock with pistolgrip, B. The Model 90-1 was imported into the States by the Dakin Gun Company of Kansas City and the Model 90 was imported by Charles Daly (then owned by Sloan's Sporting Goods in New York) during the 1960's. £2985 - Located in Kent near Maidstone but can RFD - RFD if required A PAIR OF 12-BORE (2¾IN) SIDELOCK EJECTOR GUNS BY MIROKU, NO. com. com account to take action on this item. Automatic ejectors eject fired hulls when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells for easy removal. I am also looking for some information on a Japan made 20ga SXS that I purchased last year. 040) barrels (Originally IM/F, IM opened to. Both barrels are fixed choke, has ejectors, a 13. guntrader. Miroku ML22 Forend (UML22FE) $80 00. The condition is rated at very Miroku 12 gauge 3800 Grade 2. wide ventilated rib. Miroku 12 gauge 6000 Game III £850. 5″ Fore End: splinter Butt Pad: Yes LOP: 14 5/8″ Finish: Oil Weight: 6 Big Az Al, I stand corrected, it is the ejector trip rod, but the BT99 part looks different. Trigger and ejectors: Excellent trigger-pulls. Field-stripping The Winchester/Miroku 1886 Tutorial By: Steve Barrett The following is not new information, or information that cant be had from a firearms disassembly book, but I have not found any information with pictures of the process as far as field-stripping the Winchester/Miroku 1886. Double trigger. Co. A 12-bore (2¾in) '6000 SP-III' single-trigger over-and-under ejector gun by B. Stock drop points on better grade models. MIROKU GROUP SITES. It featured an Anson and Deely type boxlock action with a blued receiver, a bit of simple engraving, checkered walnut pistol grip stock and moderate beavertail forend, and blued chopper lump barrels struck full length with For sale is a Charles Daly Miroku Model 800 Over Under shotgun. uk is the best source of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles for sale anywhere in the UK. FRONT LATCH. This was a Early gun made in the 60's. Chokes stocks fore-ends barrels. 040. SHOOTING IMPRESSIONS Brownells has a huge selection of shotgun parts, including Mossberg, Remington, Beretta and more. comes cased. £1,395. miroku ejector i have a snazzy Winchester 1885 hi-wall rifle a traditional hunter with the straight grip and 28 inch barrel . 2), 15¼in. Mfg. For sure, there is the Liberty Chief, the 4" barrel fixed sight (which has a different internal mechanism than the LC), and an adjustable rear sight version of the 4" model (like a Miroku Combat Masterpiece). Add to Wish List. Named the “hand ejector” for the innovative swing-out cylinder and ejector rod, the original was introduced in 1896. Fast shipping on all items. Good for all types of shooting. Because they are oversize they will also work in the original Winchester, the current Japanese made Miroku Wins, the Browning B92’s as well as the Chiappa/ ASM 92’s. $16. 410 Ga. The shotgun has 30 inch blue barrels with a vent rib and high viz front sight. New Model Double Leg Formed wire mainspring $30 ===== SHOTGUN MAGAZINE SPRING This Miroku 800 12 gauge trap gun is choked 3/4 1/2 and has 30” barrels - £525 One for the practical shotgun fans, this Mossberg Cryptec Typhoon JM Pro is in great condition. They are similar to a Browning Citori and as well made as Miroku made them both. This grip cap measures 1. 55169PT 28-inch barrels with 2 3/4-inch chambers, with interchangeable choke tubes, machined ventilated rib, the frame a. ½ & full, 2¾in. Single selective trigger. 5 multi chokes and spanner. 45 ACP round. 38116PYTG4 30in. The Citori action is a single selective trigger, hammer ejectors, with a top tang barrel selector/safety. 985" from tip to tip. , or . Citori included selective automatic ejectors and selective single trigger. imp. Sports 30 inch barrels. Ejectors are activated by a sharp hammer blow for more positive ejection than the push imparted by competitors’ ejectors. Great deals on Charles Daly Shotgun Parts. Information about Miroku Shotguns. Classic, coil spring powered, Miroku hammer ejectors are carried in the fore-end. In that case, you will have to inspect the ejectors. £695. 00 SERIAL NO 717827 REF 20941 we have a miroku mk10 12g u/o sporter in store. co. 5 ouooes Miroku, , 20 gauge, Side by Side, -, Used - Excellent Condition, Shotgun from Ammanford, Carmarthenshire New and Used Guns for Sale Miroku 20 bore box lock none ejector automatic safety lovely little game gun light to carry weight only 5lb 15oz stock pistol grip dont see them often in this condition any questions?STILL FOR SALE lot 5752: b. pistolgrip stock with raised comb including 1/2in. Miroku ML22 Hammer (UML22HP) Miroku produced Charles Daly shotguns from 1963 until 1976. The Browning Citori is a double-barreled shotgun of the "over-and-under" or "stacked-barrel" type, with one barrel above the other. Gold plated trigger, beautiful engraving. 00. Ejectors. Caliber. 22 LR barrels: 22″ price: £295 condition: Pre-Owned MORE INFORMATION 12 gauge Armstrong & Co. Good luck with your Charles Daly. 45-70 BPCR 1/2 octagon 1/2 round Badger take-off barrel that was pulled to change calibers. Daly Superior Grade as round knob, scroll engraving like a Grade 1 Superposed. BRAND NEW 12G Miroku Grade 5 Sporting Over and Under MK38 Boxlock Ejector Shotgun. They are single trigger self openers, they have 28″ x 2 1/2″ chopper lump barrels and retain some original hardening colour. View Info Miroku MK 38 Grade 5. Miroku Model 10. The RH button when moved up, pushes outward on the ejector trip rod, disengaging it from the trip stud on the hammer. 5½oz. This was a watershed event. Buy new and used guns or search for gun dealers and shops. 00. I have owned the gun for at least forty years. Since they were first made available in Australia and New Zealand in 1963, Miroku Shotguns have been very highly regarded, due to their strength, reliability, and attention to detail. Stamped on the barrel is ". Click on images to enlarge. Heavily engraved with scroll, gold borders, game scenes white gold dog and yellow gold bird. C. No warranty. This Browning shotguns series is manufactured in Japan by B. 26" rib vented ejector barrels with top modified and bottom cylinder. EJECTOR ROD. 00. With another Miroku or sequel Manufacturer / Brand: Miroku Model / Model: MK-10 Sport Origin / Origin: Japan / Japan Certification year / Year of proof: 2014 (ZW) Condition / Condition: Very good / Very good CANNES / BARRELS Length / Length: 30 ′′ / 76 cm Yards / Bores: 18. The various grades differ in the amount of ornamentation and the quality of materials and workmanship utilized in construction. Ejector spring weak or cracked in the forend. UGH!!! As I’m sure most of you are aware, leaf springs were used in many older shotguns, rifles and handguns. Superior and Diamond grade traps have Monte Carlo stocks. A few dings on right side of butt stock. B. . Choked improved modified/cylinder, 2 3/4" chambers, ejectors and 14 1/4" LOP. Miroku MK38 Sporter Diana 30 Inch Briley Titanium Spectrum chokes $ 2,675. View Product Details. com : 877160944 You must Sign In or Register for a GunBroker. Miroku plastic butt-plate, the barrels engraved Miroku Firearms MFG. com. The automatic ejectors eject fired shells when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells for easy removal. Jon takes you through removing ejectors from your Browning. The BSS was made in Japan by longtime Browning partner Miroku. an ejector that’s spring loaded and forcibly “ejects” the case. Miroku Superior 12 Ga. Fully cleaned, relubricated and assembled with refinished top firing pin, new bottom firing pin, new top lever spring and new main springs. 26" barrels Miroku, Miroku 6000 Sporting Grade 1. Type of rear sight. 12 gauge G5 walnut with ejectors **as new** 56/133. Product #: 614170. . ----- I have just picked up an old trap gun, A miroku it has a missing ejector trip rod. Enquire. These are the shotguns we reproduce parts for. Pre-Order . 28” Barrels choked 1/4 & 1/2 £5500 12B Miroku 3800 TR-V Trap Grade 5 30″ Multichoke £1495 1873 Uberti or Winchester-Miroku Rifle 1866 Uberti Rifle 1873 & 1866 Carbine. . Next, the hammer ejectors throw the shells clear of the chambers with more force than conventional spring ejectors found on the competition. The Miroku isn’t a B25, though it has grown closer in design refinement to the B25 over the years. Miroku and was introduced in 1973. Miroku makes barrels both ways and may have made some solid choke B125 barrels. The following brands are stocked here at The Barn. 48kg (3lb 4oz) Overall weight: 3. As well as a fundamentally good grip shape, checkering on the gun was well executed with well formed 'diamonds' – not especially fine, it was very functional offering a really good, positive, grip. Comes with 3 x Inv plus Teague Chokes and 2x Browning flush Inv plus. 738^ Barrel length: 760mm (30^) Barrel weight: 1. View Details. 59kg (7lb 15oz) Overall length: 1205mm (47½^) Ejector Timing By The Gun Works | 2020-04-27T16:41:35+01:00 March 26th, 2020 | Uncategorised | 0 Comments Ejector timing, to put it simply, is the time at which your ejectors decide to eject - Now in an ideal world this is both of them ejecting at exactly the same time. Auto Safety. Several Variations: we need a Sample "V" Hammer Spring . Here are some photos for reference . Co. The ratchet is used and in excellent condition. Binoculars Micro dot 1. Today, mostRead More Miroku O/U 12g shotgun, Diamond series. When production ceased in New Haven, CT, most thought the Model 94 was gone forever. 1963-1976 by Miroku. Blued barrels, engraved silver nitride box lock receiver with gold embellishments, high grade fancy walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and forend. Nonetheless, I love the precision of the 1885 Miroku action and have been tempted many times to buy one with an ejector (the modern 1885 rimfire ejector is one of the best, BTW, rivaling that of the BSA International rifles) and rebarrel it with a barrel of known quality, chamber it using a match reamer, and restock it with some highly figured The box and manual identify it as a Miroku Model VII . The following is not new information, but I have found little info with pictures as far as fieldstripping the Winchester/Miroku 1886. They look like a Citori until you put them side by side and you'll see that the action is considerably shorter than a Citori. Action/barrels: First class finish – the engraving is the well-known grade 5 Miroku and the presentation is excellent 19/20. Monte Carlo stock with Recoil pad. O/U w/26" V. $795. Miroku puts out some of the best Winchesters ever built. We put a variety of cartridges through teh gun and Ejector can be any of the following 1. Includes case, bag and extra recoil pad. The Citori is manufactured in a wide variety of models, styles, and gauges to accommodate enthusiasts of clay target games such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays, as well as upland bird and waterfowl hunters. C. maual selective safety. barrels, both approx. I bought these specifically because they are made by Miroku, same company that made my shotgun. - Liège : 0430. miroku 12-bore '6000 tr-i' single-trigger over and under ejector, serial no. Co. cogswell harrison 12 bore the avant tout boxlock ejector serial no. It is a Miroku 12 ga. The ejectors are powered by leaf springs in the fore-end and the gun is available with either a traditional double trigger or an inertia-operated single trigger. $18. 8½oz. Do some Googlefu and search "Browning Broadway Trap", that was the Browning model that used that wide rib. Miroku Browning & Winchester High Walls - Ejector versus Extractor One of his questions was, “Do you know if the ejector function can be disabled yet leaving a working extractor?” If you’re the owner of one of the Miroku Browning or Winchester 1885 High Wall with an ejector and are also a reloader, you likely don’t enjoy hunting for Miroku Sidelock Ejector 12ga B C Miroku Sidelock Ejector 12ga, 2 3/4" Cased, Two-Barrel Set Two sets of 26" SxS chopper-lump barrels with flat matted ribs choked skeet / modified and modified / full, 14 1/8" length of pull from gold-washed articulated front trigger to a thin brown Old English pad, 1 5/8" - 2 1/16"drop, 3/8" cast-on. Tang safety. Calibre/Item: 20G Make: Miroku Model: Mk 70 Grade 5 Barrel Length: 30 inches Condition: New Price: $3395 Advertised: 05/01/2021 Comment: Brand new in case Miroku Mk 70 Grade 5 chambered in 20G. 006 and . Shotguns. Caliber 12 / 70-308win. Fast & Free shipping on many items! BC Miroku Charles Daly Ejector Hammer Pin. One of his questions was, “Do you know if the ejector function can be disabled yet leaving a working extractor?” If you’re the owner of one of the Miroku Browning or Winchester 1885 High Wall with an ejector and are also a reloader, you likely don’t enjoy hunting for ejected cases or fixing bent ones. nitro reproved barrels, 2 3/4in. Seller Description. P. Miroku ML22 Frame (UML22F) $150 00. BC Miroku Charles Daly. all in very good used condition. chambers, bored approx. My preference is for Miroku (sporter) it is a flatter shooting gun and more barrel heavy which I prefer. Top liver Ejector. So, I make these ejectors slightly oversized to be fitted. $1895. -Ejectors. £495. 2201031, 28in. c. Those barrels are in good order with very clean bores and have a huge amount of life left in them as this was only ever a second gun for its one previous owner. com o@abaclays. £225 US$309/€263. Read full description guntrader. Tripping dog/ sear worn. A 12-bore single-trigger over-and-under ejector gun by Miroku, no. Mark where the strings meet, unfold, and measure the length. 50 Charles Daly Miroku. The downfall of that gun is that it actually isn't a Browning and it has 26" barrels. Two-piece ejectors are operated by spring-powered kickers mounted on the fore-end iron. com site. Miroku, no. It has a nicely checkered pistol grip and forearm, the "receiver" is nicely engraved and the gun is in very good condition. Miroku ML22 Front Barrel Band (UML22FBB) Miroku ML22 ejector spring NEW Contact us at 08 8362 8977 or email sales@fisherfirearms. Combi Japanese Bock Hammerless. With the action open, depress the ejector hammer spring guide (PO74767) and move to the side allowing both the guide and spring to be removed from the ejector hammer (PO74753). It was made pre WWII, in the old plant that was Miroku. 723574 28-i View Catalog Sold: £420 Estimate: £ Automatic Selective Ejectors Exterior of Kolar Case This Charles Daly Superior Grade was originally built by Miroku in Japan, and is essentially a Browning Citori with some differences. I believe the Model 700 would be the equivalent of the Superior. Locking Bolt and Hinge Pin The Citori utilizes a transverse-mounted, full-width tapered locking bolt. Up for auction is Made in Japan, Miroku 6-Shot Revolver, chambered for . 1) and 6lb. My gunsmith tells me that when Browning took over exclusive rights to Miroku, they used their own design for the BT99. 22 LR Anschutz 1415 Bolt Action S/H Rifle . Model: ML 11 Silver Edition. 1/2 and full choke, hold-open toplever, manual safety with integral barrel selector switch, gold-washed trigger, rolled-edge triggerguard, silver action deeply carved in relief with bold acanthus surrounding scenes of pointer flushing pheasant The forearm inletting on rifles with automatic ejector systems is a little different than rifles with only extractors, but the techniques to float the barrels will be the same. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. I also recommend removing wood from the rear end of the forearm where it This is a Miroku Model 500E 12gauge boxlock ejector s/side with 28" barrels choked at 1/4 & 3/4 - a suitable choice for both driven game shooting or rough shooting. 4-1 noh barrel. R. 95% $1195 With shooting on hold, Richard Atkins is back with more tips on how clean and maintain your gun while at home. barrels, both approx. for producing the famous Browning Citori O/U shotguns, but all Miroku made guns are of excellent quality with fine fit and finish. And maybe there are others. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: BC Miroku Charles Daly. Price: £2. REF: 200804/002. The ideal gun to combine Field and Clay target shooting. Wisners list the ejector slides on their website at: If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you! For over 75 years, shooting sports enthusiasts have turned to Brownells. Be sure to also measure six inches down from the top of the gun butt towards the sight. Barrels pivot on a full-length hinge pin and lock close by an underlug and bolt. 21598, £50 - 70. Although the gun is spec There was a small serrated rectangular button on both sides of the outside bottom rear of the receiver that can deactivate the ejectors. Well made box lock ejector with 28" barrels, the stock has been extended with wood to 15". ', stamped on the bottom of the butt is a serial number and "Japan". Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The grip shape is especially good, though, with an even depth assisting both recoil/flip and muzzle control because it makes it easier to hold on to. spectacular woodwork. This is a Field Model variation, 20 gauge with 28″ single silver bead sight and low vent rib barrels choked Full (+) and Modified (+-). 00. Ejectors. V springs are regarded as giving quicker lock times and more consistent trigger pressures than coil springs, and are still fitted to the most expensive guns for these Our Services at a Glance All work is carried out by our own dedicated team of craftsmen, who have over 150 years combined workshop experience. Pipe length 61cm. shotgun. au an. Price: £9. 9-inch length of pull, and fires 2 12-gauge shells. It measure approx. Asking $850 plus $50 for shipping in a hard case. The Browning recreations of the 1886, as well as the earlier offered Model 1892s in . call or email today for more info! s/no 9474 Very Good condition - Japan Mfg. A RARE MIROKU 12-BORE ''G12 PRESIDENT'' SINGLE-TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER EJECTOR TRAP GUN, serial no. Detached ball pipe. single selective trigger/ejectors. Calibre: 12 gauge, 76mm chambered and steel shot compatible. MK70 SPORTER. The wood is a nice high grade with a checkered pistol grip. Choked full/modified, 3" chambers with ejectors and a 14" LOP. Gary Helmick Miroku 600 under over shotgun in 12 gauge Japan. 9+1 (FAC rated) semi auto, 26” and 3” chambered. 02 This machine has large flexibility with the crucial status of gun drilling process such as spindle speed (infinite), cutting feed (infinite), coolant pressure can be selected with affordability. nitro barrels with 13mm raised ventilated matt rib 2 3/4in. A metal front bead and middle bead sight. 44 Mag. single inertia trigger. Miroku/Daly O/U's are the basic same shotgun as the Browning Citori and Winchester 101. 29” barrels, fixed 1/4 & 3/4 chokes, single selective trigger, manual or automatic safety, ejectors, mid rib bead, white top bead, wide vented rib. The ejector mechanism was giving the same treatment. Description: This Miroku boxlock non-ejector is a well-built, entry-level double. A lovely 12g W. M. As well as a fundamentally good grip shape, chequering on the gun was well executed with well formed ‘diamonds’ – not especially fine, it was very functional offering a really good, positive, grip. pull, 26in. The MK 60 GD 5 is actually just £1300 of fancy wood and engraving on Miroku’s £1700 base model . 4 x briley chokes. 31 The reintroduction of the Model 94 Winchester, produced at the Miroku factory in Japan. 3. 7 Chambers / Chambers: 2 ¾ ′′ / 70 mm Tightening / Chokes: Interchangeable (invector plus) Weight Charles Dalyb. This slide will fit most Modern day Miroku and Japanese Brownings Goes just on front of ejector please see photos. Action profusely engraved with border and Acanthus leaf pattern. Remington 12 gauge 1100 Skeet £295. Description: This is a very nice Trap gun. In many ways (ejectors and forend) it’s an improvement over the B25 design. We advertise your guns and shooting accessories at affordable, competitive prices. 00 It's a pre-"Citori" Miroku. With papers. These are best used in an over/under or side by side shotgun with extractors/ejectors. Originally the Miroku started off as a Japanese copy of the B25 and Browning decided to use the same manufacturer for their B325 – B525s, However Miroku retained a strong brand loyalty and are much in demand. It features the time tested Anson & Deeley boxlock action and chopper-lump barrels anchored securely in place by Purdey Underbolts. I have has a Miroku for nigh on 40 years without any issues and it is still tight as the proverbial drum. 00 Including fees and all relevant VAT Sale XS0121 Lot 5130 Miroku 600. Miroku ML22 Front Sight (UML22FS) $25 00. Slide ejector hammer forward off of the ejector hammer extension (PO74756). In 1998, Miroku began producing the 1886 under the Winchester label. The action is profusely engraved bouquet & scroll with vine leaves on the fences with the makers name engraved in a banner on each side of the action. 2 Sidelock Ejectors. By johnphilip, July 23, 2016 in Guns & Equipment. Very Good condition - shotgun - 28" narrow VR, O/U, fixed Skeet (SS) chokes in both barrels barrel - checkered walnut forearm & rounded PG stock, equipped with checkered Miroku - blue finish, retains about 90-90% on barrels, retains about 80% plum patina finish to frame - retains traces of gold finish in protected areas of trigger - Markings: crisp- scroll engraved receiver, "MIROKU FIREARMS A 12-BORE (2¾IN) SINGLE-TRIGGER OVER-AND-UNDER EJECTOR GUN BY MIROKU, NO. . MIROKU 12G OVER AND UNDER MK38 GRADE 5. Highly figured straight stock with silver oval. The Miroku Charles Daly is an over/under 12-gauge shotgun. 7/18. Cowboy Gun Works Jim McMahon aka 'Jimmy Spurs' 3107 Head of the Pond Rd Island Pond, VT 05846 Shop Phone: 603-425-1189 Cell Phone: 603-490-0312 Universal Used Guns is a firearms trading site for private sellers and firearms dealers. Bid on Lot #6503: Miroku Over/Under Shotgun 410 - Choked full/modified, 3" chambers with ejectors and a 14" LOP. rib barrels, various chokes, boxlock, Auto Ejectors, SST = Single Select Trigger system, Select walnut checkered pistol grip stock, Superior and Diamond Grade Trap have Monte Carlo stocks, the grades differ in amount of engraving and wood. Boxlock, Auto Ejectors, SST, Round knob pistol grip. 00. That is true in the past, certainly the present and little reason to worry that things might change. Cocking rod sticking in the action through dirt. Under barrel. Beretta 12 gauge Ultralight £1095. 5 mounted. Miroku SL-120 Side-Lock Ejector Holland Game 12GA with 28" fixed choke (. Buy new and used guns or search for gun dealers and shops. A slightly heavier gun than the MK70 Game, with added features for clay target shooting like: solid rubber recoil pad, 10mm top rib, white bead sights, and the option of a 32”″barrel version. WINCHESTER 12-BORE 'GRAND EUROPEAN' SINGLE-TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER EJECTOR, K413676, Price: £780. Miroku 12g O/U Ejector in Very good condition. C. vent. A Miroku MK38 G1 Sporter Teague this gun is in as new condition with just under 200 shots from new. Ultra reliable Miroku hammer ejectors are carried in the forend. The barrel has a lightweight profile with a ventilated top and side ribs, tapered, floating top rib, and ported. C. Buy new and used guns or search for gun dealers and shops. Miroku ML22 ejector spring NEW Contact us at 08 8362 8977 or email sales@fisherfirearms. 40-65 or . semi beaver tail checkered forend. uk is the best source of second hand guns, used shotguns and rifles for sale anywhere in the UK. Hello I recently took my BC Miroku -Miroku Firearms Mfg. Highly figured 14. 62544PV. 410 gauge. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Miroku Anodized Alumn Snap Caps 12G, 2PK, 12 Gauge w/ 2X Bonus False Primer Replacements at Amazon. sbfg 20585. Miroku mk38 Ejector , how do you remove them please Miroku mk38 Ejector , how do you remove them please. ) 2215-12 Sear for Lower Barrel (12 gauge) 2231RH Ejector Spring RH : 2215-20 Sear for Lower Barrel (20 gauge) 2231LH Ejector Spring LH 2216 Firing Pin hold Screw 2232 Ejector Sear: 2217OS Just a quick video to show how to remove and replace an ejector on a Beretta Silver Pigeon O/U shotgun for cleaning and maintenance. Miroku 12 gauge MK 60 Grade 5 High Pheasant Over and Under Shotgun (R/H) - S/H Ejectors are activated by a sharp hammer blow for more positive ejection than the push imparted by competitors’ ejectors. Miroku ML22 Ejector ((UML22E) $15 00. A modern rifle with a case deflector has an ejector. VINTAGE CHARLES DALY DIAMOND REGENT GRADE TRAP - LOTS OF GOLD AND ENGRAVING - MADE BY MIROKU Description: Vintage Charles Daly Diamond Regent Grade Trap in 12 gauge by BC Miroku. Please check the masterpiece of excellence created by a spirit of inquisitive search. 357 and . Action: Boxlock, underpinned gun jointing system with single trigger and selective ejectors. Our business profile allows us to be highly competitive with all work carried out solely by the four partners, it allows the Partners of this business to offer the UK Gun Repairs Commitment that your gun is covered by our insurance from the time it It has a boxlock action with a single-selective trigger and automatic ejectors. 010/. It's a basic boxlock, non-ejector, 28 inch barrels choked improved and full, double triggers, plain dark walnut stock and ventilated recoil pad nicely finished in spite of being an inexpensive gun. selective extractor/ejectors. ). Enquire. Like new. View Product Details. - shotgun - 26" O/U, chambered for 2-3/4", both bores chokes CYL barrel - checkered walnut forearm and pistol grip stock equipped with fluted comb, finger groove and recoil pad; forearm remains in EXCELLENT condition , as stock has very slight 1/8" hairline crack beginning at upper tang and very little other visible wear - blue - overall retains about 97%+ blue MIROKU O&U. figured stock, weight 6lb. com - 14884774 Charles Daly B. Model: OVER/UNDER BY BC MIROKU. The ejector rods are in similar condition with some honest wear and measure 3. Maker: Miroku, Japan. Operated by the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA), it is an online service with free registration for SSAA members, dealers and the Australian shooting and hunting community, including firearm owners, collectors and enthusiasts. * Miroku-Browning Citori Superposed XT Trap Gold Shotgun 12 gauge, 30" ported and ventilated barrels with ventilated rib, S/N 04240ZX131 (mfg. comes with 30" barrels. As a wild shot (see what I did there) is the second barrel actually cocking (sometimes a good tap on the butt - the gun’s that is, will operate the cocking mechanism) if so make sure you keep your thumb well around the stock wrist and away from the safety catch. (No. All in all a very nice trap gun. SSAA Gun Sales has been designed to be Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories trading website. It weighs 6lb 14 oz and handles very well. S. Pivot ejector hammer sear (PO74763) down away from ejector hammer and lift off of pin. guntrader. c. £2,700. 981-0. 70k jpg: 80k jpg: 84k jpg: 108k jpg: 75k jpg Charles Daly Over/Under shotgun imported by Miroku from Kochi, Japan. Built on the I-frame, this six-shot revolver was chambered for the. C. 453947, £150 - 250. Miroku manufactures the Citori and other models for Browning. The Superior grade Trap has an optional selective ejection system enabling the shooter to deactivate the ejectors. </p><p>These sometimes these crack as the bottom barrel normally gets more shots through it, so handy to have a spare just in case,especially if you are a keen or One of the best known of these is the Browning BSS. 30" barrels with 3" chambers and bored at 1/4 & 3/4 choke. It’s simple, highly effective and is a big reason why the MK70 has the reputation of a no-fuss highly durable unit. 226 Manufatured for Browning by the Miroku gun factory in Kochi, Japan. , Kochi, Japan with ventilated matt top-rib BC Miroku Manufacturing of Japan has been making firearms since the late 1800s and is located on the small southern island of Shikoku. extension weight 8lb. (No. Miroku ML22 Ejector ((UML22E) $15 00. premium Sporting Guns Re: Browning/miroku high wall Post by TexasMac » Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:11 pm If you're not in a big rush, ask around on the BPCR & ASSRA forums for someone that has a Browning . Hmmm. nitro barrels with 13mm ventilated matt top-rib and pearl bead foresight with intermediate bead sight, 2 3/4in. Close-up view of author Nick Sisley’s H. 00. Miroku ARE one of, if not THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY guns available. Piston with pistol grip. Additional charges for Non Free Shipping products, products shipping to remote locations, HazMat products, and large or heavy items still apply. 75" stock. Founded in 1893, Miroku Firearms have been producing quality products for over a century. Kochi Japan 12ga 2 3/4 o/u 26"Barrels- both chokes ss-ss. With 3 inch chambers it has SS choke both barrels. $17. mid bead on the rib. Pre-Owned B. comes with 32" barrels. 45-70. 010). over-­under market than the 4,000 to ­5,000 guns a year being sold by Daly. I have not yet looked at the gun in pieces, but is it practical to make a trip rod from scratch or buy a blank from browning uk. Stamford Case. Winchester Engraved Grip Cap. 537-1 Shinohara, Nankoku City, Kochi, Japan. 10½oz. Buy new and used guns or search for gun dealers and shops. i hae tried to get one at gun shops but no one has one. The shells are ejected in two stages. Thanks, Miroku sold guns outside the USA under its own name, and was especially popular in Australia and New Zealand. Mirohu 120Y SxS 9 pin sidelock from the Mirok cusom gun shop Beautiful floral engraving on receiver and side plates Single gold trigger with barrel selector 28 chopper lump barrels choked half and full, clean shiny bores. R Pape Best Quality Boxock Ejector with 30" barrels, 2 1/2" chambers choked CYL & 7/8. Pair of 12g sidelock ejectors by Holland & Holland 28 x 2 1/2" barrels This pair of Holland & Holland’s were built circa 1930. Ultra reliable Miroku hammer ejectors are carried in the forend. I chose the . 38 special. EJECTOR ROD. £1,395. Shipped with USPS First Class. 20 gauge ejector with selective single trigger 56/505. The handling characteristics are markedly similar, too, and generally different to guns with shallow actions and barrels hinged on stub pins – notably Berettas. MK60 MIROKU 20-BORES. 5″ Stock Heel: 2. A & D double trigger action with autosafe. $22. Charles Daly Overunder Model Top Lever. I have a foreign firearms catalog from 1963 which shows a Model 600 (double triggers, extractors), a 650 (single trigger, ejectors) and the 700--same engraving as yours. com Miroku 3800 Grade 2. Miroku is best known in the U. com o@abaclays. 410 bore, 26, 28, or 30 in. Rare Miroku Single Trigger Over and Under Ejector Trap Gun with the Serial Number: 99014PX. rib barrels, various chokes, boxlock, auto ejectors, SST, select walnut checkered pistol grip stock, Mfg. Miroku ML22 Miroku Charles Daly Field Grade model Venture 20 Gauge chambered 3". I bought a brand new 6000 grade 3 with 30" fixed chokes back in the late 80's but the affair only lasted weeks as it kicked like a mule and headaches were Charles Daly B. guntrader. It is a lovely handling gun being very light and with short barrels comes up very quickly. 790" x 1. 50 . C. 00 12G Miroku Boxlock Ejector [Product Details ] 12G T Horsley Sidelock Hammer. bores are excellent. Browse Miroku Ejector Shotguns for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. A Brief History of Browning and the Legendary Miroku Factory. charles daly miroku , model: diamond grade trap , caliber: 12 ga x 2 3/4" , full mod choke. Condition is "Used". It is in excellent shape, and is a very well made and obviously high quality gun, but it is not one that I do my best shooting with. comes with an alloy hardcase. 2 X Barrel combo with 30" fixed trap at Modified and Full and a 32" choke tube barrel with Briley thin wall. 26. 1-0. Serial number 355xxx I believe made in the 60's. I have a 20 gauge Charles Daly/ B C Miroku O/U that fails to fire the bottom barrel occasionally and the top barrel fails to eject all the time. Beesley boxlock ejector – a 12 gauge with 2 ½-inch chambers choked . The Royal over-and-under is available in just about any conceivable specification: 12, 16- and 20-bore with barrels, rib and stock dimensions and configuration to customer requirements. nr. This time, Richard Atkins is looking at Extractors/ejectors and woodwork. The two steel barrels are 30" in length, and the top one features a ventilated rib with a bead front sight I've just bought a Miroku SxS 12 gauge. miroku 12-bore boxlock ejector, serial no. 89138PM, 30in. 4. The Model 500 was a straightforward field gun of proven design. 11oz. Miroku Superior Trap, Blue 30" Wide Vent-Rib Selexor Ejectors O/U Over Under Double Barrel Shotgun, MFD 1963-1976 12 GA Auction: 14884774 Shotgun Gauge: 12 Gauge Manufacturer: BC Miroku Model: FE Barrel Length: 28″ Chambers: 2 3/4″ Ejectors: Yes Condition: 95% Metal Condition: 95% Wood Condition: 99% Bore Condition: 100% Action: sidelock Triggers: Double Stock: English Stock Comb: 1. Fieldstripping The Winchester/Miroku 1886 by Steve Barrett. The Citori XT Trap shotgun receiver has a steel, silver nitride finish, gold accented, and high relief engraving. C. £550. 22 LR Anschutz 1415 Bolt Action S/H Rifle – Shotgun certificate required make: Anschutz model: 1415 calibre: . Gold inlaid numbers. Internal parts were given a mirror finish for smooth functioning. Sports; Miroku Firearms Mfg. But there clearly was a lot more potential in the U. Maximum effective range 2-Inch barrel 4-Inch barrel. ca 2013). This is an original 1896 Hand Ejector. c01771b, price A Miroku 800 grade 3, numbered 3377937. around 4lb, ejectors were perfectly timed and worked well with factory loads and the metal-to-wood fit of action to stock and fore-end iron was excellent. SBFG 20993 28" VENT RIB IC AND FULL 2 3/4 SINGLE TRIGGER EJECTORS (NON WORKING) FIELD FOREARM PISTOL GRIP EXCELLENT MECHANICALLY 7LBS 2 1/4 DAH 1 9/16 DAC 14 LOP Cylinder, 6 Shot, Stripped, Used Factory Original. $3200. If you do not see what you are looking for, we may still be able to help; if this is the case, please email us at enquiries@airgunspares. C. One thing I really liked was the simplicity of Miroku’s ejector design and the proven action system – it’s in no way temperamental and you don’t have to worry about water or a bit of dirt getting in there and causing issues. Co. bores are bright and shiny. Miroku Superior Trap, Blue 30" Wide Vent-Rib Selexor Ejectors O/U Over Under Double Barrel Shotgun, MFD 1963-1976 Guns for Sale - Shotguns For Sale - Over / Under - Item# 14884774 That is because this action is from one of the earlier Miroku designs and is equipped with Miroku V type main springs, also known as leaf springs, located in front of the hammers. A. Miroku ML Carrier (UML22CP) $29 00. It has a 5. S/H Miroku 800SW Trap L/Hand 12ga 30" 1/2-Full. Act for sale by GunDeals on GunsAmerica - 923751622 Guns for Sale - Charles Daly -- B. com I have a wonderful , 40 year old Charles Daly / Miroku 12G Superior Trap shotgun. Would you please help me out with a little history and value. In 2014 the 12-bore versions imported by Browning International were well received in both the 30in and 32in forms offered. ) 2214A Sear Spring Rod (Plunger) 2230LH Ejector Hammer LH (specify ga. I forget the name of the part, but there is one on each side of the breech end of the barrel. So we’ve a bit of a form or function in the choice you have to make . MIROKU A SCARCE 12-BORE 'MODEL SL-120' SIDELOCK EJECTOR, serial no. Please choose your model from the list below to see which parts we manufacture for that particular firearm. This occurs when you fire the trigger. View Info Miroku MK 38 Grade 1. Make Miroku. </p><p>It’s secured by a little grub screw. £375. 12B AYA Composed Pair No. 00. Real Nice tight gun that doesn't look like it has be shot very much. B. 037. polished blue barrels engraved coin finish receiver. Enfield and Mauser. … £2,000 US$2,753/€2,341. Not sure of the fit? For a correct fit our craftsman recommends using string to measure around the base of the butt-plate. 375 pinned barrel and bl for sale by Jays Guns and Accessories on GunsAmerica - 931861284 Miroku MK38 12G Over & under Shotgun 30'' Barrel m/c Ejector 2 3/4'' Chamber inc Hard case . Ejector Operating Rod Nos. BROWNING INTERNATIONAL S. Maximum range 2-inch barrel. This tripping allows the ejector to spring back and kick the shell from the barrel. The drop on the stock was about 2¼” at heel, typical of Miroku and perhaps a little low. It has 26 inch barrels with ejectors and a top barrel ventilated rib. Although this gun is a few years old the overall condition is actually very… £2,050 US$2,820/€2,393. S. This shotgun is in immaculate condition and in perfect working order. 2. Yours I'd say, is about a Grade III, if it were a Browning. 30 inch (760mm) barrels choked full and half. Please let me know of a gunsmith to correct these problems. miroku ejectors