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Beta blockers for anxiety forum

beta blockers for anxiety forum For those of you who don't know, the drug blcoks the flow of adrenaline, and it's been said that it fan be used to help people overcome phobias. So the pounding heart, shallow breathing, shaky hands etc are all dulled down or go away. that comes with anxiety / panic. Please visit my blog athttp://www. it help to reduce your heart rate if it is cardioselective (beta1), it can narrow the airways in your lungs for someone that is asthmatic if non-selective beta blocker is used (beta 2 receptor). My doctor has just put me on beta blockers for anxiety. The only indication for a beta blocker for anxiety is Propranolol for Performance Anxiety, which is different from Generalized Anxiety Disorder which is what it sounds like you After doing a little research and talking to my doctor, I am seriously considering one of these types of drugs to help combat my nighttime anxiety/panic and symptoms that make sleep difficult. Hello. , a board-certified family medicine doctor and a current preventive See full list on curbanxiety. Preventing symptoms such as tremor and increased heart rate may lead to successful performance in social situations despite anxiety. A nice thing about beta blockers for anxiety is that when you face your fear, whatever it is, without having the physical symptoms you normally associate with fear, eventually that fear often diminishes or even goes away all together. There are many beta-blockers available, but some of the more common ones include: acebutolol (Sectral) bisoprolol (Zebeta) carvedilol (Coreg) propranolol (Inderal) atenolol (Tenormin) metoprolol (Lopressor) MMMMMmmmm BetaBlockers for Anxiety Attacks! don't believe the hype. I'm too scared to take the beta blockers though, in case they kill me. Just started a course or Beta Blockers to help with anxiety and stress related headaches and back and shoulder issues. However, beta blockers are also prescribed off-label for anxiety. My anxiety is getting worse again, even on 200mg of pregabalin twice a day. S. beta blockers can help with anxiety by reducing the effects of adrenaline - which is what causes the racing heart, dizziness, edginess, sweating, etc. org/info/blogfor further information Amazon's Choice for “beta blockers for anxiety” Quick look Zen Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement - Premium Herbal Formula Supporting Calm, Positive Mood with Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Rhodiola - for Occasional Anxiety - 60 Ct Thank you very much. ok, so i have social anxiety and im currently taking 200 mgs of zoloft and 150 mgs of seroquel. I take Inderal 40mg in the morning, afternoon and night, so 120mg total. Beta blockers are mostly used for blood pressure and heart rate, not anxiety. Selective beta-blockers. My uncle Jim is on Beta-Blockers for his anxiety problems. Re: Beta blockers, test anxiety drug without tiredness Post by sylvanus00 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:34 am I was in a similar boat as SortofObsessed and was extremely successful in October with beta blockers. Hi, I have beta blockers too, they work for slowing down the physical affects of anxiety. After finding out that I am pregnant and that Propanolol is a Class C, I am worried about taking them at all. Chelated magnesium also works well -- natural beta-blocker. Possible Benefits. I have a dr. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Someone below mentioned that it was hard to lose weight on a beta blocker. I didn’t know that beta blockers could be used for anxiety. I have had 2 quite bad attacks in the last few weeks and also have slightly high blood pressure. That way, it would ease your apprehension about possible side effects. Milton has no idea what beta blockers are. ] Personally, if I were taking a beta blocker, I would take a long-acting, once daily dosage form, after my workout each daily: atenolol. A crash course on beta blockers. I was wondering if this is a safe treatment, and what opinions you have regarding it. Beta-blockers like propranolol metabolize quickly. We look at if there is a natural beta blocker available that can help performers with anxiety and stage freight! I was in beta blockers for palpitations, bisoprolol 2. But I would prefer I am like you with regard to taking tablets and dont even take a paracetamol unless I am dying but my beta blockers (propanolol 10mg) have been good for me and I just look on them to help me through this rather strange period in my life. Discussion in 'Medical Topics' started by Lucas12, Mar 29, 2019. It can also be useful in a game of poker or chess etc because you are not distracted with tons of adrinaline flowing through your body. - I know YOU don't have performance anxiety. Bottom line, 20 - 40 mg a day has completely eradicated the migraines. has anyone had any luck with beta blockers? Home Forums > Confidential Subjects > Medical Topics > Beta Blocker for performance anxiety. They are just one of the many treatment options for anxiety. I was taking fluoxetine before because my doctor thought depression was my main problem but it made my anxiety so bad I couldn't sit still at all, I was constantly agitated, it was horrible. e. Would that be a possible substitute for klonopin for those instances where the anxiety breaks through? Klonopin works for me (doesn't eliminate the anxiety, but cuts it down by 2/3) but getting a bit concerned about the dependency after a certain point. Beta blockers cause your heart to beat more slowly and with less force, which lowers blood pressure. beta blockers are prescribed primarily for those with heart conditions. My doctor put me back on beta blockers, even after advising him it causes me more anxiety. They don't feel too heavy in the head iykwim, not sedating as such, more a little bit foggy. There was a marked effect every single time – with some bordering on the miraculous. I have been offered an interview and can feel the anxiety coming back already. Propranolol (Inderal) and atenolol (Tenormin) are the beta blockers most commonly prescribed for anxiety. Its getting bad again, has interfered with my ability to work and function. A 2016 review of the literature found that there’s no evidence to support beta blockers’ use for people with anxiety disorders. Succinate is used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). I was trying to point out that beta-blockers are commonly used among (normal) musicians. Apart from my running. It wasn't just the therapy that worked for me, but the combination of both, and I would definitely go back on meds if my anxiety started to get the better of me again, even though I hated Beta Blockers for Anxiety my doctor prescribed these to me for anxiety for a month to see how they go , he says there good for anxiety symtoms and good for reducing blood pressure etc anyway im not sure about these , any others on them or what have you heard about em Hi. Talk with your doctor, pharmacist, or other medical professional if you have questions about beta-blockers. Physicians prescribe them to control rapid heartbeat, shaking, trembling, and blushing in anxious situations for several hours. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia. They can be used for anxiety so extreme that it causes spikes in blood pressure and heart rate, but that's it. Beta antagonists (of the "beta-1" variety) have a calming effect on the "sympathetic" (excitatory) effects of your nervous system. Possible Disadvantages. , without FDA approval) for anxiety disorders, and most notably for performance anxiety and social I was diagnosed beta blockers that just didn't help, I feel it made me worse. Jan 28, 2021 - 9:15pm. I have left 2 jobs due to the anxiety, I have been out of work for about 4 months and feel fine, but I need to get back to work. The beta blockers are out of your system within a day and don't mess with your head. Dosage does make a difference in alcohol’s combination with beta-blockers. However, those heart conditions can also cause a great deal of anxiety because of the physical sensations associated with, lets say, mitral valve prolapse. Some people also eat a bunch of bananas to ease performance anxiety. Beta-blockers can help control some of the Beta-adrenergic blocking agents, or more commonly beta-blockers, are medications used for treating high blood pressure, anxiety, irregular heartbeats, as well as few other medical conditions. My daughter did very well on this for migrains. I've had beta blockers for anxiety in my early 20's, and then again pretty constantly for the last 10 years. Heart rate increases, breathing becomes shallow and your mind goes to that dark place of "I think I am dying". e. Anyway, my question is: Has anyone experimented with either Beta-blockers or Anti-Anxiety medication to deal with Approach Anxiety? Just tonight I saw a documentary about drugs and saw how Beta-blockers significantly reduced "stage fright" by slowing down the heart and making you feel mellow. SSRI's like lexapro and combination drugs like Effexor are become more and more poular for anxiety disorders due to low side effects. Thank you. Beta blockers work by blocking the effects of the hormone epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Originally created for those with high heart rates, beta-blockers were then introduced to those experiencing high anxiety during public speaking and other performances such as singing or playing the piano, for the beta-blockers reduce the physical symptoms that go along with nervousness or anxiety. Possible Benefits. The Beta blocker is fantastic at cutting off those symptoms before they stack up too high. There are many types of beta blockers. beta blockers are not anxiety meds , they're usually used to decrease tension by slowing down your hearth rate , they also decrease exercise capacity of muscles since they block Beta receptors on skeletal muscles as well as cardiac muscles , antidepressants especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are drugs of choice for anxiety. Beta blockers are used, but have many side effects. hi guys just wondering if you can help me out with this one, i went to the doctor cos i keep having anxiety/panic attacks and she has put me on propranolol half beta-prograne. Has anyone used a Beta Blocker for anxiety? Did it help, did they cause weight gain, or insomnia, and were they hard to get off of? I have also read they can be dangerous. Beta blockers work by blocking the effects of norepinephrine, a stress hormone involved in the fight-or-flight response. It belongs to a class of medications called beta-blockers. People who have social or performance anxiety are often assisted because a beta blocker reduces shakiness and rapid Many people assume that it takes a major medical intervention to relieve performance anxiety during these crucial situations. I have heard that beta blockers are sometimes prescribed for anxiety. Social Anxiety Support Forum. Shouldn't the meds be stopping all palpitations or is it normal to still feel some on beta blockers? I am otherwise healthy, no prior problems and I have low blood pressure. If you take them and try to run, or exert yourself in any other way like you would do in some matches from position to position you'll be out of breath in no time, they can even give you the shakes from being out of breath. I started a low dose beta blocker (25mg Propranolol: Beta-blockers have been used to block the autonomic response in persons with social phobia. And now you've mentioned the fizzy drinks thing, that's put me off even more! A month ago my GP prescribed me a beta blocker for anxiety. Still, the evidence for beta blockers as an anxiety treatment isn't firm. Go see a different doctor and ask for antidepressants, or a medication called buspirone which is as effective as diazepam without being addictive. I'm on 80mg propranolol a day in a slow release capsule. I am not a doctor, but I do speak from first-hand experience. These drugs block epinephrine from binding to beta receptors throughout the body (beta-1 and beta-2 adrenoceptors). OP I was on beta blockers long term and they are really good for helping the symptoms of anxiety, they helped me greatly in overcoming agoraphobia. I tried beta blockers for my anxiety and they didnt help. Beta blockers keep your heart rate and BP down by regulating your heart and keeping it from compensating. I don't want to risk being mentally slower during an interview. . Surprisingly, however, the typical propranolol dosage for anxiety is actually quite low, with most doctors recommending taking 10mg – 20 mg an hour before a pivotal moment like a presentation, job interview, or crucial exam. Very safe for most patients. Don't know. I don't need them anymore now I am on hrt, but it was absolutely fine taking them while working - they did the job! I did get some acid reflux while taking them. There are certain types of anxiety that appear to benefit most from these medications, and some groups of people can be better served by these drugs. Have been for a few months. I would have posted this in anxiety forums, but I value the insight of individuals who are also struggling with PCS, because we are often affected by Beta blockers don’t help with anxiety. ive been prescribed beta blockers for an ongoing illness which anxiety is also a symptom of for 11 years (since a young age) and ive had years where ive been consistent with taking them and years where i have not, i find that for me personally they hadsnt helped but each person is diffetrent and woith different backround reasons so i would suggest that you try it and see how it feels and helps People with social anxiety disorder may also get relief from a beta blocker before entering situations in which they have to interact with other people. I have pretty much found almost the same information DOI: 10. Valium acts as a sedative but it can be taken during an acute episode of anxiety or a panic attack, and it can relax people to help reduce stress and worry. . beta-blocker blocks the beta agonist receptors, which present in the heart and lungs . . D. In a way Beta blockers are safe as it does allow the heart to pump more effectively as they decrease the activity of the heart. I've heard they're used for performance anxiety this way. Unfortunately ha) feel free to message me. Do you just feel anxious about donating plasma, or kind of all the time? Beta Blockers For Anxiety - The Pros and Cons. Even though it has only been 5 days, already I feel a lot less anxious with this drug and life is a lot better. A low dosage of beta-blockers (like the 10mg dosage generally prescribed for performance anxiety), will: I spoke to a family friend, whom is a MD, and they recommended a low dose beta blocker (propranolol). Beta-blockers in anxiety disorders. Often social anxiety symptoms are so strong that beta blockers, while helpful, cannot reduce enough of the symptoms to provide relief. Beta Blocker Question - posted in Thyroid Disease General Discussion Forum: Hello, I just have a quick question. Symptom, treatment and advice from community members I was recently given beta-blockers for a high heart rate. Varying strengths, now I take 40 mg twice a day. Beta-blockers have been used to alleviate some symptoms of anxiety; probably patients with palpitation, tremor, and tachycardia respond bestBeta-blockers do not affect psychological symptoms of anxiety, such as worry, tension, and fear, but they do reduce autonomic symptoms, such as palpitation and tremor; they do not reduce non-autonomic symptoms, such as muscle tension. . Patient Forums for Beta-blockers - others. This is a fraction of the normal dosage recommended for other conditions beta-blockers are used for like migraines, hypertension, and heart Beta-blockers are effective for performance anxiety (they reduce the physiological reaction to stress), and some golfers may use them for that purpose, but I highly doubt that "most" pro golfers are on them. she just put me on klonopin instead. e. beta blockers for anxiety, any experiences? - posted in Age 30+: Someone at work suggested I try beta blockers for my anxiety. Often, beta-blockers are now prescribed to those who experience severe anxiety (on an "as needed" basis), particularly for those who have panic attacks and prefer not to take other anxiety Beta-Blockers or Beta-adrenergic blocking agents are used by performers to help with performance anxiety and the stomach butterfly's that can come before a big performance. they had to make sure because I was recently diagnosed with myotonic dystophy. I saw my physician and she put me Just tried a beta blocker for anxiety and I swear it made it worse. 08-10-2020, 03:52 PM In many cases this resulted in them being given beta-blockers. natural-cures-for-anxiety. ok, so i have social anxiety and im currently taking 200 mgs of zoloft and 150 mgs of seroquel. They're not benzos. Are beta blockers good for anxiety? BLOG POST https://naturalhealthevolution. Please visit my blog athttp://www. They don't have a psychoactive effect. e. Beta-blockers may be prescribed off-label for anxiety to help reduce the short-term effects of adrenaline released in the body due to anxiety. I take them "as needed". I also take a beta blocker and have had 4 major sugeries the past 3 years. Two of the most commonly prescribed for anxiety are Propranolol and Atenolol. usually in general, 110 or so. Beta Blockers are also prescribed for anxiety. I once have been taken beta blockers but it was for tachycardia and arrhythmia. he want to get pilled but is hesitant on doing so in fear of a reaction. 1177/0269881115612236. Any experiences using them? Did they help? Any side effects? I have asthma but Im thinking of asking gp if I can I tried beta blockers for my anxiety and they didnt help. ” Beta blockers can be helpful in the treatment of the physical symptoms of anxiety, especially social anxiety. I'm mostly struggling with the physical symptoms of anxiety such as a racing heart, palpitations etc. I have the usual benzos to help and everything and am already on an antidepressant. Very safe for most patients. Also, if someone has an anxiety disorder, this is very different to just 'nervousness' and can be quite debilitating. Beta-blockers work by stopping the effects of adrenaline on the body, so instead of helping with the emotional side of your anxiety, they will stop the effects caused by your fight or flight response allowing you to deal with your triggers a bit easier. Im getting tearful and afraid and its having a knock on effect on my depression. Hi all hope you all okay x Beta-blockers are cheating: cheating yourself of your LIFE. For virtual events, I still get a bit nervous, but if I'm in my home office, with tea or ice water next to me on my desk, and maybe nice slippers on or something comfy to remind me that I'm home, it's much much better. Examples of generic and brand names available for beta blockers in the US include acebutolol , atenolol , bisoprolol , metoprolol (Lopressor, Lopressor LA, Toprol XL), nadolol (Corgard), timolol . My heart rate normally sits at 100 or more beats per minute and my BP is high. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea. Physicians prescribe them to control rapid heartbeat, shaking, trembling, and blushing in anxious situations for several hours. Anyywayy :-p I have been taking beta blockers (inderal) for 7 years. I think the biggest issue with beta blockers is that you can feel tired on it. 25 was enough to control palpitations. If beta blockers are suddenly stopped, the blood pressure can again begin to increase. natural-cures-for-anxiety. That was some years back. Beta blockers for anxiety are frequently prescribed to manage the physical side effects that anxiety can bring. The logic of the beta blocker was lost on me as all it did was change my heart rhythm, so it seemed to attempt to treat a symptom of anxiety, not the anxiety itself -- i. I suffered and still suffer from these dreaded things, and I was prescribed the ol' Beta Blockers. My psychiatrist told me to use them when I feel heart palpitations starting. Metoprolol Succinate ER For Anxiety is a beta-blocker that affects the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). i was doing some research and read about beta blockers, and how they help as an as needed basis for situations where you know you will have social anxiety. It's a blood pressure medication, not an anxiety one. Beta blockers can be helpful in the treatment of the physical symptoms of anxiety, especially social anxiety. Shammon Brown Belt. Migraine. Give them a try and hopefully they will give you a little help. Beta blockers can cause constipation and sexual dysfunction like anorgasm or erectile dysfunction in men. . These medications can help decrease anxiety symptoms and improve each person’s quality of life. For me they slowed down my heart a little bit and it helped me to worry less about a possibility of having a heart attack. It can lower blood pressure and your heart beat and can have various effects on the heart. I guess the question is, do you know what your resting pulse is? Some people have a high resting pulse due to meds or genetics. I had a full cardiac work up with 48 hr holter monitor and treadmill stress test. Beta blockers have been really helpful for a friend of mine but I haven't tried them yet for stage fright. They sometimes prescribe it to people off label for anxiety. These drugs primarily prevent epinephrine from binding to beta receptors in the heart. In generalised anxiety disorder, the purpose of beta blocker is to reduce the effect of adrenaline on your beta 1 receptors, and therefore you don't feel your heart is going to pop out when you have an attack. Never took them though (due to health anxiety). , heart palpitations) which would explain why it's effective for performance anxiety. Propranolol has been around for a long time and has many different uses. Beta Blockers: Beta adrenergic receptor antagonists are prescribed “off label” (i. Propranolol is a nonselective beta-blocker that interferes with the reaction of nerve impulses inside the body, especially in the heart. A 2016 review of the literature found that there’s no evidence to support beta blockers’ use for people with anxiety disorders. I know that beta blockers are sometimes used for anxiety, and I have high blood pressure, so could switch from ramipril to a beta blocker and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It used to be normal but my anxiety is causing it to be crazy, so hence the Beta Blockers. Other beta blockers may only affect areas that are not ideal for reducing anxiety or may cause too many side effects. However, those heart conditions can also cause a great deal of anxiety because of the physical sensations associated with, lets say, mitral valve prolapse. This helps control the physical symptoms of anxiety such as rapid heart rate, a trembling voice, sweating, dizziness, and shaky hands. I was scared also but my anesthesiologist (who also goes to church with me so I know him personally) told me that patients who take beta blockers are actually safer going under because the risk for heartbeat irregularities will be lower and your blood pressure will remain pretty stable because of the beta blocker. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs): Phenelzine has been demonstrated to be effective in controlled studies. I have an ob/gyn appointment The first block of text is general for beta-blockers, the second is specific to Bisoprolol. Hayes PE1, Schulz SC. They selectively target beta-1 My GP has prescribed me some too but I'm too scared to take them. Propranolol 10mg is a beta-blocker medicine used to relieve symptoms of performance anxiety & calm stressful situations. If anyone ever needs to chat, or wants advice (I am pretty much miss knowledge when it comes to anything anxiety, panic, depression. Instead, doctors favor drugs that can be taken daily, like SSRIs, Beta blockers, also known as beta-adrenergic blocking agents, are medications that reduce your blood pressure. Go see a different doctor and ask for antidepressants, or a medication called buspirone which is as effective as diazepam without being addictive. Beta Blockers Are Not Approved for Anxiety Reduction After only a few days, my heart was no longer racing, my mind was quiet, and all panic attacks disappeared! It’s now been 3 weeks and I can’t begin to explain the relief! I know people think Beta Blockers are only for Blood Pressure/Heart issues, but off label they are also prescribed for Panic Disorder and Anxiety! After a spell of awful headaches, I went to my Doctor for advice, he took my blood pressure etc, and seemed to think it was stress related, and thought beta blockers would help – Propanol iirc. beta blockers help with the physical symptoms but won't help with the reasons causing the anxiety (although it may mean you are better able to deal with the situation if the physical symptoms are reduced). Since then, I've been putting up with panic attacks on and off. Beta-blockers can lead to heart attacks, strokes and heart failure, new research shows | Mail Online Beta-blockers 'increase diabetes risk by 50 per cent' | Mail Online Propranolol Beta Blocker for Anxiety HELP:(Post by mrsnoneck2k2 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:02 pm . Beta blockers aren't like ssris or benzos. Beta blockers can be extremely helpful if you have physical symptoms of anxiety, like if you shake a lot during public speeches. a racing heart if you're anxious. Because of this, they'll limit the physical effects of anxiety, but not the psychological ones. Apologies if you are Working with a doctor , but just in case. 5 mg for about 4 years, then found 1. It can help lower some of the physical symptoms of anxiety; in terms of shaking and decrease the heart rate. i was doing some research and read about beta blockers, and how they help as an as needed basis for situations where you know you will have social anxiety. I have severe GAD and Healthy Anxiety. this is all well and good but i know absolutely nothing about this drug, the only thing my doc said about it was that Beta blockers for me stopped the shaking, and so even just knowing that people wouldn't see me shaking helped stop me obsess about how anxious I was etc. why does a beta blocker make weight loss I started getting heart palpatations a couple months ago, probably related to anxiety. everything turned out fine. I'm not interested in anti-anxiety pills like Xanax. also include shaking & feeling dizzy. Sometimes beta blockers for anxiety are used alone, but much more frequently they are used in combination with other treatments. Author information Abstract Studies evaluating the antianxiety and antipanic properties of beta-blockers do not support their routine use in treating either generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. Welcome to the Anxiety Community Forum, a friendly space for discussion, help and support with mental health issues. beta blockers are prescribed primarily for those with heart conditions. Well for me they did nothing! What did help though was cutting out Caffein and other Stimulants such as other Caffien concentrated products etc. I saw a study recently that 60% of professional musicians have used beta blockers at some time for anxiety. My doctor prescribed beta-blockers to me when i was 15 for anxiety. It can prevent migraines and anxiety but as every medicine; there is side effects that can occur. This class of medications decreases the body’s response to some stimulating chemicals. Good luck and I hope they work for you. It is also used to lower your risk of death or needing to be hospitalized for heart failure. Part of the Heart Health category. i've never used them myself, but i asked my shrink about them for panic. Those symptoms you describe of more sound like anxiety. The panic attack symptoms are literally the same as you describe; sweating, heart racing. Beta-blockers work by blocking the adrenaline (epinephrine) effects on the heart. Apr 27, 2009 #2 Boca Bitch Silver Member Once I discovered beta-blockers, I studied them for quite a while, and over time I correlated the migraines to a surge of catecholamines resulting from stressors acting on the fight or flight response mechanism, which operates via catecholamine release in the brain. Hi, I was put on beta blockers about 2/3 weeks ago now and I'm much calmer. I know beta blockers are much safer that a benzo which is why I am asking. Nonselective beta-blockers. Beta Blockers For Anxiety - The Pros and Cons. Instead, doctors favor drugs that can be taken daily, like SSRIs Beta blockers are often prescribed to treat hypertension as well as anxiety. Last edited by daniel_2k8; 08-24-2008 at 02:15 PM . To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Although beta-blockers are intended to treat heart conditions associated with angina and heart attacks, doctors often prescribe them “off-label” (i. A beta blocker is very different from Zoloft. What they do is they block the release of adrenaline into your bloodstream. Had them in the cupboard for a few weeks. My personal experience only however. However, your doctor doesn't sound too sure about the use of them or the dosage. com/anxietyDISCLAIMER: My videos are to be watched with the notion that they "One of the more common off-label uses for beta blockers is in the treatment of performance anxiety,” says Wilnise Jasmin, M. I'm currently on antidepressant medication which is helping, plus diazepam when I need it. Start your assessment & buy online in the UK today. The most common one known as inderall. Anxiety attacks are often times stacking. I post this every time this comes up because I don't want anybody to DIE. Beta blockers are used for treating high blood pressure or hypertension. So I have adjusted the way I Here are two links on beta blockers the one on heart attack and stroke increases the other on Diabetes increases by 50% using beta blockers. Few side effects. Forum; GERD and Anxiety; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Is the Bisoprolol in a tablet form that you could break it in half? You could try 1/2 of a tablet to begin with. Best thing to lower your pulse is beta blockers, which are sometimes prescribed for performance anxiety. I just found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant. Also the effects of beta blocker withdrawal can cause increased anxiety and stress, which can present with symptoms like palpitation and excessive sweating. Usually my go to self treatment is running or cycling but since BETA BLOCKERS reduce the effects of adrenaline in the body and, today, many people are prescribed beta blockers to help with anxiety. org/info/blogfor further information Beta blockers can be used to help lessen physical anxiety symptoms, like rapid heartbeat or trembling, says the National Institute of Mental Health. I have recently been prescribed them again for palpatations but choose not to take them. appt tomorrow and I was thinking of asking for some beta blockers to take before the interviews. I'm already on citalopram. ” Posted by Snail, 10/07/13, at Runners World Forum: “I have subjectively noticed a difference between when I take and don’t take the beta blocker the AM before a tempo run. Therefore, the longer you wait between taking beta-blockers and drinking alcohol, the lower the chances of overlap. I'm currently on antidepressant medication which is helping, plus diazepam when I need it. I am a singer and usually take 1-2  20mg propanolol before performing as they greatly help with performance anxiety. Has anyone ever had experience with one? P. 2 weeks ago, I had a bad panic attack which caused me to leave work early on Monday morning. Not habit-forming. com I got prescribed Beta Blockers for panic attacks. As a result, propranolol causes the heart to beat slower, decreases blood pressure and calms the symptoms of anxiety. In times of stress and emergency the adrenal gland produces adrenaline (a stress hormone), which acts on various organs in the body in order to prepare us physically to deal with the situation. This study basically said that beta blockers only help as much as blocking the fuel behind the fire (physical symptoms, i. I'm not sure of the dosage off-hand, but I take one in the morning and one at I do know beta blockers can be used effectively for anxiety attacks but it needs to be under a doctor's supervision. not for their licensed purpose) for anxiety. I take 40 mg of beta blocker 4 times I would try beta-blockers if I didn't have benzos, but benzos do everything beta-blockers do and better. It's worth noting there are about 4 million prescriptions a month for Beta-Blockers in the UK - they are widely used and considered to be safe (if somewhat old-fashioned), so hopefully nothing to worry about. beta blockers for anxiety forum